Tri-Rings Set Of Three Cockrings


Hinta: 8,90 €
Toimituskulut alkaen 6,95 €
Pesu: Kuuma saippuavesi ja seksilelujen puhdistusaine
Väri: Punainen
Taipuisuus: Venyvä
Miehelle vai Naiselle?: Miehille
Ominaisuudet: Stretchy All Purpose Rings
Materiaali: Kumi

Take your intimate pleasure to new heights with the exotic Tri-Rings. 

The easy to use erection enhancer rings elevate your arousal and stimulation, for maximized and prolonged satisfaction.

Select your preferred ring dimensions, and super-size your package for an unforgettable tantalizing experience every time.

For indulgent sensual pleasure, slip on your preferred ring and satisfy your intimate desires. For increased sensitivity and mind-blowing sensations, always use a quality lube with this toy.

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