Roller Balls Massager Glove

Roller Balls Massager Glove
13,90 €
Pituus: 15,2 cm
Pesu: Kuuma saippuavesi ja seksilelujen puhdistusaine
Väri: Pinkki
Taipuisuus: Erittäin
Miehelle vai Naiselle?: Molemmille
Ominaisuudet: Steel Balls
Materiaali: PVC-muovi
Koko: 15,2 cm


Massages are something that everyone loves to give and receive. Elevate the experience with the Roller Ball Massage Glove in a simple way with big results.

This easy to use glove features an adjustable strap that fits over almost any hand, left or right. Because of its ease of use, it's great for use on a partner, friend or your own sore muscles.

Featuring 9 metallic balls evenly distributed over the glove for the best coverage, each ball is able to roll 360 degrees which means you can move your hand in any direction over the skin. No lubrication is needed for best results. The glove is made from flexible TPE making it ideal for getting into the spots that need a massage the most, around the neck, under the legs, around the arms, or anywhere else.

The reverse side that goes against the palm has hundreds of little nubs to make wearing it comfortable as well.

These gloves can be used on their own but are best when used as a pair for a full contact massage.

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