3 Piece Rubber Ring Set


Hinta: 6,90 €
Toimituskulut alkaen 6,95 €
Pesu: Kuuma saippuavesi ja seksilelujen puhdistusaine
Väri: Musta
Taipuisuus: Vähän
Miehelle vai Naiselle?: Miehille
Ominaisuudet: Strong And Durable
Materiaali: Kumi

Enhance your erotic sensual satisfaction and performance with the sleek and discreet Rubber Ring Black 3 Piece Set. 

The trio of erection enhancers are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and great for instant arousal stimulation and gratification extension. 

The flexible rubber adornment rings are supplied in 3 different sizes and are designed to maximize your intimate, sensual encounters.

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